Bring Fronts Back inspires the Street Poet

Here are two poems that have been inspired by the sentiments of the Bring Fronts Back campaign. Many thanks to Philip Shamplina for sharing them with us. It’s great to see our ethos expressed in verse:


Front garden, no more, its not

Looks just like a car lot

Cars, one, two or three

Doesn’t look like austerity

Some are new and some are older

All belong to the householder

Some are taxed, no M.O.T.

All insured, that will surprise me

Hard standing where there used to be flower beds

Now dark oil patches here instead

Tyres, wheels all over the place

Unkempt, dirty, what a disgrace

Philip Shamplina aka “The Street Poet” 19/2/2013



Dig up the concrete and start anew

Where flowers and plants once grew

And, once again, see the lush green underneath

And grow wild flowers, like on the Heath

Where, once again, insects can thrive

And bees pollinate before they return to their hive

Where once was an oasis of green

Only concrete and paving stones can be seen

All we have now are window boxes

At least they don’t attract the foxes

But the over-full dustbins do attract the rats

We can well do without all that

Mattresses compete with old furniture and tyres

Where the local yobs could start fires

Hanging baskets can look very attractive

But they just hang there – inactive

Some people grow plants and flowers in tubs

This is more in keeping outside country pubs

Window boxes can be a miniature garden

To look after them will be no burden

Trees, shrubs and plants, that’s what we’ve lost

Let’s reverse the trend at little cost

What a bungle

It’s a concrete jungle

Philip Shamplina (aka “The Street Poet”) 30/11/15


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