This is the website of the campaign to improve England’s front gardens.
Modest things can sometimes have a big effect on our lives.  Many streets in our cities, towns and villages are blighted because people seem to have given up on their domestic fronts-of-house.
CABE (now absorbed within the Design Council), the Greater London Authority and some London boroughs have worked hard to improve the public realm and outdoor spaces generally and much good work has been done in our more public streets. But there is a great lost cause, the blighted front garden, which though it can occur anywhere, seems most acutely present in the denser urban areas of private terraced and semidetached houses.
The result is the virtual abandonment of the front garden area.  As long as there is enough room to get one or two cars off the road, home owners seem to turn their back on the front. Consequently often-brutal adaptations to accommodate cars and rubbish bins set the tone for our residential streets.
Bring Fronts Back is a campaign to reverse this tide. We have ideas and activities to stimulate awareness of the problem and initiate activities to bring about improvement. We will offer ideas and tools, but our most important aims are to increase awareness, stimulate debate and engender concern with the quality of front gardens as a public and community good.
We are looking for your participation. You can comment directly on the pages, email us direct at bringfrontsback@tgb-uk.com, or contact us by using our contact page form.
Our proposal is to set up an ideas network for things that can be done to recover pride in and enjoyment of our residential fronts of house.  Without such a recovery, our residential streets are likely to become ever more desolate.
This is not a witch hunt.  We do not propose to set ourselves up as arbiters of taste.  We will ask questions.  We will present examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.  But we ask you to make the judgments and we ask you to think again about the presentation and impact of your own front door.  We aim essentially to be catalytic in generating ideas.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. It’s great to see life being put in the campaign again. There are some imaginative ideas around about how to accommodate parking and bins and still have pleasant streets. It’s important that we hunt it out and share it.

  2. Thanks for this Rob. We will be exploring all aspects of the potential for better front gardens over the coming months. Don’t forget to check out also what’s happening on twitter @BringFrontsBack

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