Bring Fronts Back works for the good of our streets and front gardens. We try always to strike a positive note and mostly leave it to those who visit our site to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly in our gallery pictures.

If you visit our site and believe you have found something offensive, either to yourself or to the general public, please contact us. We will investigate and if necessary remove the offending item from the website.

In the interests of our campaign we occasionally quote or include material from other sources. In all cases this is acknowledged. However, if you believe that the inclusion of any material on this site infringes the copyright of yourself or others, please let us know and we will remove it from the site.

Where not credited to others, all the material on this site, both words and images, is the copyright of the site proprietors. We allow quotation from and reproduction of  parts of the material included here subject to the requirement that it is credited to the Bring Fronts Back campaign and you advise us of its use.

All advice is offered freely and without prejudice. The proprietors of the site, on behalf of themselves and any third party quoted in these pages, take no responsibility for the consequences of following any suggestions included here. Anyone who takes up any of the instructions, contacts, specifications or suggestions does so entirely at their own risk.

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the campaign to revitalise Britain's front gardens

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