Pride, expression, celebration

Pride, expression, celebration are time-honoured human needs. Strangely they seem to be becoming forgotten in our front gardens,  largely forced off the domestic agenda by the car.  Perhaps the car inspires something of the pride and joy that traditionally was devoted to the front garden.
The enjoyment of a front garden stems from the motives pride, expression and celebration. its quality is enhanced by its neatness, order and clarity as well as the way its various elements seem to be a part of a family that also includes the house and the street.

Accommodating the motor car has been the most destructive influence that our city centres have had to endure. The danger is that, while we may have learnt the lesson in our town centres, its brutal impact is spreading to our residential streets.

We are not entirely against the car. Most people seem to find it indispensable. But the the car does not always have to take priority. It can be accommodated without brutality. This is just as true for front gardens as it is for streets.

In the future the noisy smelly animal we know may be replaced by a quiet benign technology and a regime that respects the pedestrian. That is all the more reason to ensure that the car’s dominance is minimised and that front gardens are respected and nurtured.

Just as the car you own says something about you, so also does your front garden. What the front garden says is more fundamental. It says something about how we see ourselves in relation to our neighbours and the natural world and how we express the pride and acknowledge the privilege we must feel as residents and landowners.

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