This is the gateway to some useful resources that can be drawn on to improve the quality of front gardens. Apart from the obvious physical resources such as plants and materials, there are some very useful informational and advisory resources that can help with ideas and technicalities. Among these are organisations, various kinds of publications, and services offered by other people or businesses.  The physical stuff that you can make your garden out of, plants, materials and more, we deal with under the heading ‘elements’. We will build up a knowledge base about the various elements both living and inanimate that can be used to create a rewarding front garden. You can begin to explore the ‘ elements’ knowledge base here.

However, help with ideas about what to do and the technicalities of how to do it are very important as well and there is a wealth of information available to help you design and realise a front garden that you can be proud of. We deal with these ‘resources’  in the Bring Fronts Back Toolbox under the following headings:


There are a number of organisations that can help with both ideas and technicalities. Some of these specifically address the front garden as a subject in its own right. Others deal with issues that affect front gardens, the elements that go to make them up, their relationship to the public realm, their impact on the environment and how they are used.

Some organisations, particularly government departments and local planning authorities, are regulatory. Others represent interest groups or particular professions, skills and activities. The best initial approach to these organisations and to tap into what they have on offer to help you is through the Internet. You can find links to a number of these organisations on our Bring Fronts Back ‘useful links’ page.


Publications come in many different forms, from major treatises in the form of books to pamphlets and advertising brochures. Increasingly, many publications do not take this physical form and are simply posted on the Internet, so we have divided publications into three groups:


You can find out more about these publications by clicking on the hot links above.


While much can be learnt from publications, sooner or later the need to implement ideas takes over and then you have the choice of doing it yourself or employing somebody else to realise parts or all of your vision for you. Some organisations offer services, primarily in the area of design and procurement, but there are many commercial companies that offer services from design to implementation and maintenance, under the heading of landscape or gardening specialists.

Bring Fronts Back does not see its role as an agency for such businesses, but may draw on their help from time to time, in which case they will be credited. Our broader aim will be more to do with offering guidelines to help you find, appoint, brief and manage a commercial contractor where this is necessary.

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