Most people regard the house they own or rent as their reward for their efforts. However, it is also a privilege to have control over a piece of land and it is important to accept that responsibilities come with the land.

Good stewardship recognises the importance of the natural world as something to be valued in its own right as well as the ultimate source of all those things we need and desire.

The Bring Fronts Back campaign maintains that there is an obligation to respect nature locally as well as to consider the global environment. While each front garden is a relatively small patch, cumulatively front gardens represent a large area of land use. How we use land and the things we do on it have profound effects on our climate, our exposure to flood risk, pollution and the survival of other species. Our obligation to stewardship requires that we manage the land we own and control in ways that minimise negative effects and maximise positive effects on all aspects of the environment

Some important aspects of stewardship will be included here.

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